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About Ubiety

We believe that compassion is the essential foundation upon which healthy lives are built.  At Ubiety we are committed to the fundamental idea that human beings require compassionate, kind, and affirming spaces in order to thrive. Through these compassionate spaces our relationships become more satisfying, our bodies and minds become healthier, and our communities transform into more empathic places in which to live.


Ubiety [yoo-bahy-i-tee]


The property of having a definite location at any given time; state of existing and being localized in space.






Kind Spaces

Ubiety’s Compassionate Communities are spaces where you can explore your kind side. Our communities are restorative spaces built on the core belief that all beings, if given the opportunity, lead healthier and more fulfilling lives when they are able to act compassionately towards themselves and others.   



Our Mission

Our mission is to create positive and thoughtful spaces in which compassion is intentionally practiced towards ourselves and others. Our vision is to deliberately transform the world by creating kind and compassionate spaces.