1.  Introductions & Understanding ‘You’

2.  Courageous Vulnerability (Dr. Brené Brown)

3.  Positively the Best You (Dr. Barbara Fredrickson)

4.  Finding Sanctuary in a Digital Age (Dr. Sherry Turkle) 

5.  Why You Deserve Self-Compassion (Drs. Kristin Neff & Paul Gilbert)

6.  Home & Workplace: Creating Healthy Relationships (Drs. John Gottman & Shelly Gable)

7.  Building Empathy & Mindfulness in Our Busy Lives (Drs. Roman Krznaric & James Doty) 

8.  When Good Intentions Backfire (Mother Teresa)   

9.  Practicing Forgiveness (Bishop Desmond Tutu & HH the 14th Dalai Lama)

10. Fearlessly Dreaming and Happiness (Dr. Shawn Achor)

11. Living With a Crimson Heart