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'Ubiety’ is a rarely used word in the English language. It means to be in a place, not only in the material sense, but it can also describe the metaphorical places in our lives. 

Where are you today? Where are we as individuals, communities, nations, and globally? Our where in life is often an allocation of how or what we are feeling, or how we define ourselves.

Where do we go either physically or virtually when we are feeling overwhelmed? What ubieties exist in your life that feel affirming, supportive, and compassionate? 

Our bodies are wired for these types of spaces and we need them to thrive and find meaning.  As Dr. James Doty, Professor of Neurosurgery at Stanford University, explains, “As little as two weeks of practicing compassion with intention has a positive physiological effect on the body. It can lower blood pressure, boost your immune response and increase your calmness." 

Life is dynamic, fluid, and ever-changing. Everyday we have the capacity to create healthy, compassionate ubieties in our lives. We have the ability to find fulfillment, joy, and happiness in how we relate to ourselves and others.  Our ubieties, where we are on a daily basis and throughout our lives, are the meaningful places we create both physically and metaphorically.